Italian espresso for your legs

awaken your stride

What makes SPRESSO socks unique?

SPRESSO socks are a combination of the latest compression engineering with an elegant, comfortable design. Two unique design features differentiate our socks:

  • the reinforced toe and heel design for extra durability
  • the comfort-top design for all day comfort without the usual pinching below the knee experienced with other products

With their luxurious thread combinations, innovative textures, colours and styles that complement both casual and business apparel – SPRESSO socks are quite a rarity!

How do they work?

Leg and lower body fatigue often results from a lack of circulation caused by standing or sitting for extended periods, long flights, pregnancy and other everyday situations that cause blood to pool in the lower body. Compression socks help to increase circulation by adding pressure to the veins of the lower leg and bring blood flow back to the heart, providing extra energy and reducing leg fatigue.

Athletes have long known the value of graduated compression socks to help enhance leg energy, relieve pain and fatigue by stimulating blood circulation. Now everyone can share in those benefits.

In fact, our socks use cotton and Dryarn®, a lightweight, breathable, temperature and odor controlling fibre used in athletic wear across the globe. Rare are the medical devices that make you feel like an athlete!

Who created SPRESSO and why?

We started out on a mission to find respectable compression socks to help with post-surgery recovery, and delighted to find out this was something that the world really needed to share in. What we had come to know in the market were products that were truly uncomfortable, bulky and not enjoyable to wear during recovery let alone for leisure. It didn’t take us long to realize that it was time for some improvement. Alas, following fruitless searches, we decided to sit down at the drawing board and flesh out what we thought the world needed to see. Designing the perfect luxury socks with compression benefits then became just too good not to share.

We’re a small team of curious, worker bees, who can’t sit still and believe in a perhaps never-ending pursuit of living well. When we decided to make a better sock, we designed and tested them for ourselves first. We mixed fibres as if they were paints. We wove them like tapestry. We tried them on, pulled on them, yanked them, tugged, and slid across hardwood floors like ice dancers. We dreamed of socks that were thin, elegant, and so beautiful on their own that they didn’t need monkeys, neon, or zebra print.

By incorporating fibres like Egyptian cotton, and weaving them with our 200-needle machines, skin became happy and felt nurtured. Adding moisture-wicking and lightweight Dryarn® keeps your feet dry so they’re comfy when the temperature is really hot or really cold.

We ditched the chemicals that are so prevalent in modern textiles, because feet can be smelly enough on their own and aren’t helped by inorganic compounds crowding and suffocating breathability. We put a pouch where your heel goes —— just like our planet Earth isn’t flat, neither is the heel of your foot.

So we made a sock for us that we’re proud to share with you. Washed, ironed, chemical-free and ready to wear, because we think people should buy less and buy better. Because life is too short for crappy stuff.

David Lapenat and Anna Glieca
The Worker Bees