SPRESSO Compression Socks

Italian espresso for your legs!

What makes SPRESSO socks unique?

SPRESSO socks are a combination of the latest compression engineering with an elegant, comfortable design. Two unique design features differentiate our socks:

  • the reinforced toe and heel design for extra durability.
  • the comfort-top design for all day comfort without the usual pinching below the knee experienced with other products.

With their luxurious thread combinations, innovative textures, coloUrs and styles that complement both casual and business apparel – SPRESSO socks are quite a rarity!

How do they work?

Leg and lower body fatigue often results from a lack of circulation caused by standing or sitting for extended periods, long flights, pregnancy and other everyday situations that cause blood to pool in the lower body. Compression socks help to increase circulation by adding pressure to the veins of the lower leg and bring blood flow back to the heart, providing extra energy and reducing leg fatigue.

Athletes have long known the value of graduated compression socks to help enhance leg energy, relieve pain and fatigue by stimulating blood circulation. Now everyone can share in those benefits.

In fact, our socks use cotton and Dryarn®, a lightweight, breathable, temperature and odor controlling fibre used in athletic wear across the globe. Rare are the medical devices that make you feel like an athlete!

Who created SPRESSO and why?

David Lapenat, Co-founder of SPRESSO, learned about compression socks from personal experience. After a laser treatment for a saphenous vein issue, his legs developed spider veins and varicose veins, a common condition that affects nearly 1 in 5 adults in North America.

His doctor recommended compression socks but when presented with product options, the selection was quite limited and uncomfortable. He told himself: “If this is the only thing on the market, then I have to do something about it”. Armed with this mission, David and his Co-Founder, Anna Glieca, sold their successful medical device business. For 2 years, the husband and wife duo travelled the globe together in a quest to find a better alternative. They found it in Italy along with the best espresso and so they founded SPRESSO. It’s like an Italian espresso for your legs!