Our luxurious compression socks increase blood circulation to enhance leg energy and reduce leg fatigue caused by long hours of standing up or long-distance travelling. They are also commonly used by athletes to accelerate muscle recovery and increase performance.

Compression Level: Moderate graduated compression (15-20 mm/HG)

An exclusive design featuring:

  • A reinforced flat-seamed toe for durability,
  • A comfort-top design to minimize pinching below the knee.

Our unique fibre blend of cotton and Dryarn allows:

  • Quick transfer of sweat away from the skin to keep feet cool and dry,
  • Thermo-insulation to keep feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter,
  • A lightweight fabric 32% lighter than wool and 34% lighter than polyester.

69% Egyptian Cotton, 12% Polypropylene, 11% Elastane and 8% Polyamid

Special Blend Sizing Chart

Shoe Size Chart - Refer to this chart when you fall between sizes in the above chart

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